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Got Card Readers? Ensure a good read every time

At CardPOS Europe we supply many products and solutions, but feel that not enough people are aware of the effectiveness of our brilliant cleaning cards and wipes.

Did you know that many reader failures are linked to poor maintenance? These failures can be easily reduced by regularly using cleaning cards to keep the read heads free from grease and other contaminants.

Our comprehensive range of presaturated cleaning cards will help solve this problem as part of your preventative maintenance program.

hybrid smart card reader cleaning card

Smartcard and magnetic stripe reader cleaning cards

Why use CardPOS cleaning cards?

1. Over 80% of printer and reader failures are linked to poor maintenance.

2. No more reader failures, lost production, customer dissatisfaction, frequent service calls and premature equipment replacement.

3. Our cleaning cards offer reliable performance and consistent quality.

4. Our presaturated cleaning cards are tested and approved by OEMs.

5. We stock a variety of Smart/ Magnetic cleaning cards and wipes for every application.

To see for yourself how our cleaning cards can benefit your company, contact  us for free samples and more information.

Please call us on Tel: 01793 780773 or email

Safeguard Against Indentity Theft

The ever increasing incidence of identity theft and the consequential production of counterfeit documents is aiding illegal immigration and financially related fraud.
The responsibility of detecting and reporting illegal activity using legal and regulatory measures such as the 2006 Immigration Act, Money Laundering Regulations and the Basle II Accord has been passed on, by Government, to companies and organisations.

The penalties for non-compliance can result in unlimited fines, prison sentences and ultimately, the disqualication of company directors.

The scanner is accurate, fast and easy to use. Using a variety of light sources and RFID, it veries documents such as passports, driving licences, work and residency permits, and any other document with in built security features. All scanned data is recorded where the information can be forensically examined and veried. The device digitally stores the data it captures and will reduce administration time and costs by using the validated information to populate application or other HR forms.

“The trade in counterfeit passports is operating on an uncontrollable scale”

Detective Superintendent Bob Murrill, Scotland Yard, Radio Five Live

VeriScan Document ScannerVeriScan was developed to address this issue. The VeriScan solution features a highly sophisticated multi-spectrum scanner that interrogates the security features of a document issued by Governments, organisations or regulatory bodies. The scanner confirms whether dates are valid and if document security or number algorithms are matched.

Importantly, the device is tamper proof, which avoids the potential of staff collusion. A central feature of VeriScan is the preventative aspect.  Once fraudulent individuals are aware that the documentation they offer as proof of identity and ability to work in the UK will be electronically scanned and interrogated, a percentage will discontinue their application. This minimises wasted management time interviewing and ultimately, recruiting the wrong employee.

To enhance the VeriScan service it can be a standalone service or networked.  Our extensive information sources provide reports that give an extremely high condence in the authenticity of an individual’s official documents.

VeriScan is a global solution that validates the supporting documents employers should be able to rely on when interviewing job applicants; positive proof that candidates are who they really say they are.