Got Card Readers? Ensure a good read every time

At CardPOS Europe we supply many products and solutions, but feel that not enough people are aware of the effectiveness of our brilliant cleaning cards and wipes.

Did you know that many reader failures are linked to poor maintenance? These failures can be easily reduced by regularly using cleaning cards to keep the read heads free from grease and other contaminants.

Our comprehensive range of presaturated cleaning cards will help solve this problem as part of your preventative maintenance program.

hybrid smart card reader cleaning card

Smartcard and magnetic stripe reader cleaning cards

Why use CardPOS cleaning cards?

1. Over 80% of printer and reader failures are linked to poor maintenance.

2. No more reader failures, lost production, customer dissatisfaction, frequent service calls and premature equipment replacement.

3. Our cleaning cards offer reliable performance and consistent quality.

4. Our presaturated cleaning cards are tested and approved by OEMs.

5. We stock a variety of Smart/ Magnetic cleaning cards and wipes for every application.

To see for yourself how our cleaning cards can benefit your company, contact  us for free samples and more information.

Please call us on Tel: 01793 780773 or email

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