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Promag Mifare DESFire Readers

Take a look at our Promag Mifare DESFire devices (see below) which are ideal for access control, time & attendance, loyalty, gaming and many more applications.

DF700 Series
Mifare DESFire Wall
Mount Reader

DF700 series Mifare DESFire readers are certified to IP66. RS232 or RS485, ABA TK2 and Wiegand interface.

DF750 / DF750K
Mifare DESFire Reader with / without keypad

DF750 series Mifare DESFire readers are certified to IP66 and available with or without keypad.

Desktop Mifare
DESFire Reader/Writer

PCR320 is a compact
USB desktop device for reading & writing Mifare cards, tags & keyfobs.

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