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CP900 – RFID Cashless Payment Reader

The CP900 is ideal for use in school, college & university cafeteria, corporate restaurants, gaming / vending machines & more.

The cashless payment reader features some impressive, configurable controls such as multiple relay triggering modes, variable LED colour, deduction, LCD text, buzzer and membership level discount.

Built with multiple layers of encryption and dynamic key generating technology the CP900 is secure and can be used with confidence.

With the 13.56MHz CP900 cashless payment RFID reader you can easily implement a cashless payment system.

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Portable RFID Authentication & Data Capture for Mobile Access Control & Attendance

PCR200 and MFR200 are compact RFID data capture devices with whitelist function designed to work indoors or outdoors for mobile attendance / access control.
Ideal for use at events, exhibitions, work sites or offices. The whitelist function can be used to authenticate admission for events, access control or work shifts etc.

The battery powered reader reads the RFID card/tag/ticket and can display the scanned number plus any associated, user configured (whitelist), names and descriptions on the LCD screen. It also logs this data along with the date & time to be downloaded later.

Each reader comes with user friendly software allowing you to easily configure the device settings & whitelist.

Also available: Promag RFID and Mifare encoders and cards, tags & keyfobs.
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PCR200 RFID mobile data authentication / capture.


MFR200 Mifare mobile data authentication / capture.

Need an encoder,
cards or tags?

Promag PCR340 RFID / Mifare Encoder and RFID/Mifare Cards & Tags

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Promag Mifare DESFire Readers

Take a look at our Promag Mifare DESFire devices (see below) which are ideal for access control, time & attendance, loyalty, gaming and many more applications.

DF700 Series
Mifare DESFire Wall
Mount Reader

DF700 series Mifare DESFire readers are certified to IP66. RS232 or RS485, ABA TK2 and Wiegand interface.

DF750 / DF750K
Mifare DESFire Reader with / without keypad

DF750 series Mifare DESFire readers are certified to IP66 and available with or without keypad.

Desktop Mifare
DESFire Reader/Writer

PCR320 is a compact
USB desktop device for reading & writing Mifare cards, tags & keyfobs.

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RFID & Mifare Readers – Low Cost – Multiple Interface

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Ethernet Mifare Reader – ER750

UID or Sector, PoE, Weather resistant design

The ER750 is a very versatile yet easy to use MiFARE reader..

It comes in 2 main versions, a UID reader or Sector reader. There is also the option of PoE (Power over Ethernet).

Connect it to your server “White List” and you have very cost effective access control.

Use the software on your server to periodically check for a “Heart Beat” from the reader and to give a command to trigger a relay from the ER750 to fire door strikes and other furniture to allow access into a building.

Each ER750 MiFARE reader has its own IP address and has output interfaces that include Weigand, RS232 and TK2.

You can even configure the internal LED and Buzzer on the Unit.

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Low Cost 125kHz RFID & 13.56MHz Mifare Readers

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Weatherproof RFID / Mifare Readers

UR110 & UR115 RFID Readers

UR110 / UR115 – RFID 125KHz

Gives a sleek and sophisticated look to any access control system.
Boasts bright and distinctive LEDs and sound.

GP20WD - RFID / Mifare Reader

Beautifully crafted from wood, these models come in either RFID 125KHz (GP20WD) or Mifare 13.56 MHz (MF7WD) technology.
These models have LED and sound confirmation.

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1K Mifare Clamshell Cards Just 39p Each

As we have recently moved premises, we are using this opportunity to sell all our surplus stock at low prices until it is all gone.

Our 1k Mifare Clamshell Cards have been reduced to the low price of just 39p per card, with just a minimum order of 100 cards.

These Clamshell Cards can be used for applications such as Access Control, Loyalty Schemes, E-Purse and Public Transport.1K Mifare Clamshell Card White 1k Mifare Clamshell Card with ABS hardshell

Dimensions: 86 x 54 x 1.8mm

100 cards to a box

Don’t miss this great offer, as once the stock is gone, it’s gone!

To take advantage of this great offer, or to find out more, please call us now on: 01793 780773 or

 email: sales@cardposeurope.com

Quoting product number-CAA-H41-P00-E0N

Fast TCP/IP Fingerprint Reader

Our fast TCP/IP fingerprint reader (SF650) uses an advanced minutiae-based algorithm (AMBA) meaning it can operate faster than other models and can recognise angled fingerprints.

The SF650 can also store digital fingerprints on ID cards and has an internal web server for easy networking.

SF650 TCP/IP Biometric Reader Details:

  • internal webserver
  • Ethernet TCP/IP (10/100), RS232, RS485, ABA TKs and Wiegand interface
  • RF: 13.56, ISO/IEC 14443A
  • Up to 5cm reading distance
  • Internet Protocols: TCP, UDP, DHCP-client, SNTP, UPnP and Locator

more information:
SF650 TCP/IP Fingerprint Reader