Ethernet Mifare Reader – ER750

UID or Sector, PoE, Weather resistant design

The ER750 is a very versatile yet easy to use MiFARE reader..

It comes in 2 main versions, a UID reader or Sector reader. There is also the option of PoE (Power over Ethernet).

Connect it to your server “White List” and you have very cost effective access control.

Use the software on your server to periodically check for a “Heart Beat” from the reader and to give a command to trigger a relay from the ER750 to fire door strikes and other furniture to allow access into a building.

Each ER750 MiFARE reader has its own IP address and has output interfaces that include Weigand, RS232 and TK2.

You can even configure the internal LED and Buzzer on the Unit.

For more information email or call Chris or Adam on +44(0)1793 786075

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